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So yes. Have been meaning to make the move from LJ to Dreamwidth for a while now, but the recent LJ horror has been the final spur I needed. Overall, it seems nice, clean and functional, though really it'll be about whether I can find interesting communities here too. I imagine so. Ficcers have been migrating over for years now, a lot of good writers only use their LJs for backup these days.

In other news: it's sweltering, again. Time to break out the christmas music.

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Date: 2011-07-27 11:57 pm (UTC)
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Welcome :-)

LiveJournal should be renamed to PoliticsJournal, because a lot of its users are Russian politicians. Probably that's why LJ was DDoS'd. Also, SUP (current LJ owner) isn't a very transparent company. Quite the opposite, actually. And they like advertising. And Artemy Lebedev, Russia's most popular blogger & art director, really dislikes this company.

Check this out: – SUP wouldn't tell you that!

Communities… it's our job to make them interesting. Aw, the Paramore community here was updated >100 days ago.