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Dear fanfic author:

While the summary and premise of your fic was admittedly intriguing, I am still not going to read it. I am not going to read it because if you can't even manage to spell the character's name right - after, presumably, reading the entire book series, thirteen massive tomes, and this was not a minor character, you saw his name a lot - then, well, you have not filled me with confidence in your ability. Or convinced me that you care about your story at all.

I despair of Wheel of Time fandom. It's almost nonexistent, and what there is seems to be 50% sues and 50% Lan/Nynaeve fluff. A book series with dozens of complex, interweaving plotlines, hundreds of characters and excellent worldbuilding, and it has no fandom at all. The Twilight books are not better than this series. There is no justice.

Edit 28/07:

Huh. Went back to find that the author had actually taken the advice left by various reviewers, had fixed the nightmarish formatting and the most glaring errors. It's still a bad story, but that was rather heartening. I was expecting a fan-child tantrum, not improvement.
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